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Are you tired of your fishing gear looking like this?
Introducing the Piranha Rod Rack…the ultimate fishing rod organizer. Perfect for home storage. Put it in your den, in your office, in your garage, even on your dock! Simple to use and installs anywhere in just minutes. Each rack is predrilled to 16 inches on center for studs and comes with stainless hardware. The rack allows you to suspend your rods so you can overlap and stagger the reels. You can hold up to a dozen rods in 2 foot space so it is a great space saver. Each notch is designed to hold either offshore or inshore rods from your biggest to smallest gear and its made out of metal so you can't break it or wear it out! This revolutionary product sells for only $20 plus shipping. Great for wash down at the dock! Protect your gear and get organized today by ordering now.
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